1 month until D(eparture) Day

Sweet mother of mercy, we are now literally 1 month from our first ride! So, on that theme we have a joint post about what exactly is going through our minds at this point.

Nathan –

The next few weeks my focus will be on knocking off items on what seems to be my never ending to do list. In no particular here’s my list:

– Test out my new Brookes B17 saddle and hope to heavens that it lives up to the hype. For this to happen though I need to finish putting the protective coating on it and actually attach to my bike.
– Install the mount of my new handlebar bag.
– Fit in a lot more practice/training rides
– Get a damn bike box! It’s a simple task, but without a car it requires coordinating with someone that has one and I’ve been reluctant to ask others for the help.
– Disassemble my bike and pack it into the bike box to prepare it for shipping to Vancouver.
– Manage the overwhelming worry that something bad will happen to my bike in the shipping process.
– Contact more people on Warmshowers and Couchsurfing to arrange hosting throughout the country.
– Coordinate meeting up with Candace in Victoria!
– Coordinate meeting up with my friends Julia and Andy in Vancouver!
– Maintain my well-crafted delusion that I’m physically fit enough for this bike ride.
– Continue to pretend that this nerve issue in my neck/back which has been plaguing my left arm for months will be totally fine as I ride a bike 4700km across the country.
– Write more blog posts and network with more people about the trip.
– Find time to see a bunch of my friends and family before leaving.
– 19 other things I’ll probably forget about until the day before the trip and totally panic about.

While they may seem like simple and small tasks when combined it definitely leaves me feeling overwhelmed. I know I just need to remember to take it one day at a time and keep practicing my hope regiment that no matter how it all plays out the trip will be a life changing experience.
Wade –

Oh Snap! What is on my mind?  Many things!

Anticipation – the butterflies have officially taken up residence even of they are currently dormant.

Fundraising success – we are so close to our goal and I know I speak for Nathan and I when I say we are enormously grateful to everyone who has contributed to date. It was a big goal, and we are closer than we’d have imagined 1 month before leaving!

Training – I’ve officially given up my early morning rides in favor of more frequent long rides. How long? Cycling to Guelph and back Saturday, Sunday and Monday mornings. It’s not as far as we WILL be cycling most days (ONLY 85km), but if that becomes “easy,” I think I’ll be okay.

Sprained Wrist – so I did this about 2 weeks ago but made it worse on Friday. I can now officially report that cycling for long distances with a sprained wrist is not enjoyable. I had to take some ibuprofen when I got back ☹

Last minute planning & getting our ducks in a row – anyone that knows me knows I love to plan! Making sure things are as set as they possibly can be both stresses me out and relaxes me immensely.

2 thoughts on “1 month until D(eparture) Day

  1. I would be happy to help transport something in my Honda Fit. Not sure how big a bike box is, but the Fit will generally transport anything up to a certain width and height.

    1. So incredibly kind of you to offer! Thanks a ton! I’m leaning more and more towards just paying the bike shop a bit of money to have them box it up for me since it will save me a lot of work and time. If I change my mind though I’ll reach out!

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