Hamilton, ON

Month: February 2018

Song 36: Doomtree – Bolt Cutter

Artist: Doomtree Song: Bolt Cutter Continue along the same lines with some of the recent posts I’ve decided to give Doomtree the focus for my post today. Reading back on some of the recent older post you’ll see I’ve mentioned them a few times now. Despite not knowing much of their music I figured since…
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Song 35: Sims – Shaking In My Sheets

Artist: Sims Song: Shaking In My Sheets Mixing things up today for this post I decided to start my search for a song with an artist I knew a bit about but was unfamiliar with almost all of his music. The artist I chose to focus my listening on was Sims. You might remember his…
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Song 34: Citizen Cope – Every Waking Moment

Artist: Citizen Cope Song: Every Waking Moment A change of pace from the last few songs I’ve posted this one is one I found randomly when I typed in “every waking moment’ into Google. The phrase was stuck in my head and as I thought about what song I’d use for today I figured it…
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Song 33: Chvrches – Get Out

Artist – Chvrches Song: Get Out Besides the Dizzy album, there is no album I’m more excited for in 2018 than the new Chvrches album “Love Is Dead”. When I saw a new Chvrches song was released a couple of days ago I knew it was going to be the song I used for the day.…
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Song 32: Shredders – Cult 45

Artist: Shredders Song: Cult 45 With one of my all time, favourite artists Astronatualis supporting Shredders on tour there was absolutely no way I was missing this show. Despite Andy (aka Astronautalis) having only about a 40-minute set it was so worth it. Getting to enjoy it with my pal Marc made it that much…
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Song 31: The Lowest of the Low – Rosy and Grey

Artist: The Lowest of the Low Song: Rosy and Grey Today marks 14 years from when I was struck by a car crossing the street and ended up in the hospital for the week with a broken leg in three places, torn ACL, sprained ankle and a broken thumb. Two surgeries later, a ton of…
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Song 30: P!ink – Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken

Artist: P!ink Song: Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken Cuddled up on my couch again with my crush we browsed YouTube for some music. One of the first songs we noticed was a new song uploaded just a couple of days ago by P!ink. While I’ve never been a huge P!ink fan by any standards I…
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