Hamilton, ON

Month: April 2018

Song 90: Natalie Prass – Sisters

Artist: Natalie Prass Song: Sisters First time hearing Natalie Press. Before the YouTube recommendation, I’d never heard of her. While the song certainly isn’t bad (I actually kind of like it) I think maybe it’s just not for me. Maybe that doesn’t make much sense, but it’s just not something I see myself listening to…
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Song 89: Salt Cathedral – No Love

Artist: Salt Cathedral Song: No Love “Recommended to me” on YouTube after listening to the new Stars track over and over, Salt Cathedral is an artist I’d never heard of before this song. The video seems a bit bizarre/though also just kind of fun with the artist and others dancing in random places. From what…
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Song 88: John Newman – Fire in Me

Artist: John Newman Song: Fire in Me This was a random YouTube autoplay suggestion. Apparently, it’s a pretty popular song with over 2 million views. While I certainly didn’t find it objectionable it also didn’t blow me away like the way some of these much smaller artists have been as of late.I will confess it…
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Song 87: Stars – Ship to Shore

Artist: Stars Song: Ship to Shore Is there anything better than when your FAVOURITE band (and the band that inspired this whole project) releases a new song unexpectedly? The answer is obviously no. Seeing and hearing this new song today was such an amazing surprise. The second it started I loved it and it’s been…
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Song 86: Thandi Phoenix- My Way

Artist: Thandi Phoenix Song: My Way Another artist completely new to me, but one at least based on this track I really enjoyed. The song is new (or at least recently published on YouTube) and it left me curious to know how long she’s been making music. From my quick search, it looks like she’s…
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Song 85: ISLAND – Horizon

Artist: ISLAND Song: Horizon A random YouTube autoplay suggestion led me to this song. I’d never heard of the band before this song, but I’ve come to enjoy. Not totally in love with the vocals, but I think they might grow on me.  They’ve got a new album coming on April 6th so perhaps I’ll check…
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Song 84: Kacey Musgraves – High Horse

Artist: Kacey Musgraves Song: High Horse When both your favourite bands (Stars, and Tegan and Sara) tweet about an artist it’s pretty hard to resist checking our their music. Given the praise Kacey receiving was receiving about her new album it was no surprise to me that seconds into listening to this song I was enjoying…
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