Hamilton, ON

Month: May 2018

Song 115: Emelia Sande – Suitcase

Artist: Emelia Sande Song: Suitcase Tom sent me this suggestion forever ago. It kind of got lost in the abyss  of our messages until he sent it to me again. It’s a pretty song though so I’m glad it’s seeing the light of day now. She’s got a nice voice, but the song didn’t really move…
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Song 114: Freeds – I’m Not Sure

Artist: Freeds Song: I’m Not Sure A song about being indecisive. As anything ever captured the workings of my brain. Forgive me in advance for saying… I’m not sure. Tom must have been channeling his inner me when he sent this one to me. It’s quite different from the other songs he’s sent me, but I…
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Song 113: worlds greatest dad – laughing (while you’re smiling)

Artist: worlds greatest dad Song: laughing (while you’re smiling) Another song that screams Tom. This one though I enjoyed more. A cute video and catchy song. It reminded me of something Dashboard Confessional would write. Raw and authentic. There’s nothing like a good heartbreak song. 365 New Tunes is a project inspired by a tweet…
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Song 112: Rival Schools – The Switch

Artist: Rival Schools Song: The Switch If I’d heard this song before getting the suggestion from my friend Tom I would have sent it to him. It totally sounds like something he’d like so I’m not surprised at all to get it from him. I didn’t dislike it, but it also wasn’t really something I’d…
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Song 111: Crying – Vacation

Artist: Crying Song: Vacation Another suggestion from my pal Tom. My first thought after listening to this song: there’s too much happening! This song definitely sounds like something I could enjoy – if it just chilled down a bit. It’s like they wrote this catchy song and then added a bunch of effects and just didn’t…
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Song 110: Camp Cope – I’ve Got You

Artist: Camp Cope Song: I’ve Got You So here I am… writing for this project about 2 weeks behind schedule. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’ve failed in my initial goal and promise to listen to something new and share about it each day. Life got crazier than I could have ever…
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