Hamilton, ON

Month: August 2018

Day 13: Kunming to Beijing (August 6)

Day 13:Kunming to Beijing (August 6th) I woke up to see it was once again: raining. With no plans for this morning in Kunming, it raining outside, and plans to leave at noon for the airport we opted to take our time to pack up and check out.  With Adam heading to Hong Kong today…
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Day 12: Dali + Bullet Train to Kunming (August 5)

Day 12: Dali + Bullet Train to Kunming (August 5) Waking up from what was probably the most restful sleep of the trip I couldn’t help but think about my bike trip from last summer. Today officially marks 1 year from the journey ending. It’s honestly hard to believe that much time has passed.  This…
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Day 11: Exploring Dali (August 4th)

Day 11: Exploring Dali (August 4th) Before going to bed last night we all agreed that tomorrow we’d have a good sleep in and take our time today. I lazed around in my bed until 10ish and had such a nice chat with my partner Shantel before going to have a quick breakfast in the…
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Day 10: Dali with a Day Trip to Shaxi (August 3rd)

Day 10: Dali and Shaxi (August 3) While it took some time to fall asleep, my actual sleep wasn’t so bad. Around 8:10 Kim came by to wake Adam and I up. She told Adam and I to pack up our stuff since we were upgrading rooms. Poor Kim, Talaal and Yasmeen had a room…
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Day 9: Baiga and Dali (August 2nd)

Day 9: Baiga and Dali (August 2nd) In contrast to yesterday morning this morning we took our time getting out on the road. Breakfast was a feast this morning as Ann went out of the way to prepare a few vegan options for me. In addition to the noodle soup we regularly had each morning,…
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Day 8: Liming Scenic Area, Yangtze River, Zhong Sching* (August 1)

Day 8: Liming Scenic Area, Yangtze River and Zhong Sching* (I’m probably spelling that wrong) August 1 After a late night out I finally had a bit better of a sleep and woke up around d 7:30am to prepare for our day exploring. We hired a local Naxi English speaking driver to take us around…
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Day 7: Black Dragon Pool & Lijiang (July 31)

Day 7: Black Dragon Pool & Lijiang July 31 With our plans to hike Tiger Leaping Gorge canceled we’ve found ourself with two free days. I woke up with some back pain again (beginning to wonder if this bed has something to do with it) and we had a slow and lazy start to our…
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