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Category: China and Mongolia 2018

Day 3:Beijing to Kunming (July 27th)

Day 3:Beijing to Kunming (July 27th) I woke in a bit of panic to the phone in our room ringing. I remember been in the middle of an intense dream, but I can’t remember what it was about now. I asked Kim the time and was pleased to hear it was 5am and we still…
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Day 2: Flying and Beijing Airport/Hotel (July 26)

July 26th Toronto to Beijing Airport/Hotel With China being 12 hours ahead most of the day was spent on our 12.5 hour plane ride which surprisingly wasn’t so bad. We got so lucky checking in for our flight when the staff offered to move us to seats without someone in between us. Knowing we had…
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Day 1: Toronto to Beijing (July 25/26)

Day 1: Toronto to Beijing (July 25/26) Suggested Listening With a 13 hour flight ahead of me today I opted to stay up as late as possible the night before in hopes that I’ll be able to sleep on the plane. I spent most of the night watching Season 7 of Suits and getting my…
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One Day Left (China and Mongolia here we come!)

Suggested Listening: Artist: Stars Song: One Day Left Several years ago my four siblings and I took a short weekend trip together to Collingwood, ON. After having such a great time we all agreed that we’d really love to do something like it on a grander scale sometime again in the future. Then, of course,…
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