Day 25 – The Journey Along Superior Begins (Wade)

Leaving Thunder Bay this morning we passed the Terry Fox Monument and shortly after that we passed the spot where he ended his Marathon of Hope. It would have been… Read more


Day 24: English River to Thunder Bay (I’ve Died And Gone To Heaven)

Day 24: English River to Thunder Bay (I’ve Died And Gone To Heaven) 3111km to 3286km (175km) Suggesting Listening: Craig Cardiff – Heaven With a long day of 175km ahead… Read more


Day 24 – What Do We Talk About All Day (Wade)

Thunder Bay! We are in Thunder Bay and life is good! It’s amazing how happy we were to see the “City of Thunder Bay” sign. Hooting and hollering, fist pumps… Read more


Day 23: Dryden to English River (Losing Patience)

Day 23:¬†Dryden to English River (Losing Patience) 2951km to 3111km (160km) Suggested Listening: Tracy Chapman – Fast Car Enjoying our free continental breakfast at the Comfort Inn that we stayed… Read more


Day 23 – Invariable Truths & Unanswered Questions About Our Ride (Wade)

Today was a fairly non-descript journey from Dryden to a place called English River. What? Never heard of it? Me neither, but I can tell you the English River Inn… Read more


Day 22: Kenora to Dryden (Finding Inspiration)

Day 22: Kenora to Dryden (Finding Inspiration) 2812km to 2951km (139km) Suggested Listening: The Proclaimers – I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) Back to our regular morning schedule of leaving shortly… Read more


Day 22 – Finally Feeling Good (Wade)

So today we went from Kenora to Dryden, and it’s really the first full day that I’ve felt great. I can say with conviction that the first 3 weeks of… Read more


Day 21: Hadashville, MB to Kenora, ON (Another One Bites The Dust)

Hadashville,MB to Kenora, ON (Another One Bites The Dust) 2707km to 2812km (105km) Suggesting Listening: Queen – Another One Bites The Dust Reilly Scott – North Sky With another “short… Read more


Day 21 – Back in Ontario!!! (Wade)

We said goodbye to Manitoba halfway through the day today and I am actually a little sad about that. That being said, it is incredible how happy I am to… Read more


Day 20: Winnipeg to Hadashville (AKA: The Middle of Nowhere)

Day 20: Winnipeg to Hadashville, MB (AKA: The Middle of Nowhere) 2615km to 2707km (92km) Suggested Listening: Hot Hot Heat – The Middle of Nowhere Jimmy Eat World – The… Read more