Sweet Mother of God, it’s actually happening!!!

So here we are on the eve of my flight. The bikes were disassembled, shipped, received by a bike shop in Vancouver (Ride On It, Granville St), reassembled and waiting… Read more


Making Connections

Suggested Listening: Delhi 2 Dublin – TumbiWOW Tegan and Sara – Hang on the Night As I sit here in the Ocean Island Inn hostel here in Victoria I can’t… Read more


Too Excited To Sleep!

Suggested Listening: Love You To Death (Tegan and Sara) I know it’s a super cliché thing to say, but seriously where did the time go? Just typing that makes me… Read more


High on Humans or Why I LOVE People

Suggested Listening: Oh Wonder: High on Humans Oh Wonder: High on Humans Fan Stories Stars – Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It: As… Read more


So it goes.

Suggesting Listening: Tegan and Sara – The Con Stars – We Called It Love  George Harrison – My Sweet Lord (my mom’s favourite song) When we first made the website… Read more


How To Plan A Bike Trip or How Wade is a Superhero!

Suggested Listening: The Beatles – With a Little Help From My Friends After the blog post from a few days ago where I nearly induced a panic attack in myself by… Read more


1 month until D(eparture) Day

Sweet mother of mercy, we are now literally 1 month from our first ride! So, on that theme we have a joint post about what exactly is going through our… Read more


Mo Saddles, Mo Problems

Or, Common Sense Isn’t All That Common I bought a new bike seat on the weekend and I was dying to try it out on my long ride today. It… Read more


In the Spirit of Collaboration

Suggested Listening: Rich Aucoin – Are You Experiencing? It’s finally here. The very first blog post from Nate and Wade! When discussing how to get started Wade proposed that in the… Read more