Day 4:Manning Park Resort to Princeton (Or Where I Met Saint Heather)

Day 4: Manning Park Resort to Princeton 252km to 320 (68km) Suggesting Listening: With the early night last night I’ve found myself pretty much wide awake by 7am. Wade had… Read more


Welcome to the Sauna (Wade)

Day 4 – was a total mixed bag. The first third of the ride was beautifully downhill, but with awful road conditions. Leaving Manning Provincial Park it was 10am (because… Read more


Day 3: Hope to Manning Park Resort (Or How I Died)

(Help Me Obi Wan Kenobi, You’re My Only), Hope, BC to Manning Park Resort, BC 185 to 252 (67km today) Suggested Listening: Arkells – Come to Light Transit22 – Tan… Read more


So THAT was the hardest thing I have ever done

Let me paint a picture for you: -70 km, nearly 100% uphill at an average 5% grade – the first 19km were the worst, 100% uphill at like a 8%… Read more


Day 2:A New Hope (Coquitlam to Hope)

Day 2: A New Hope Coquitlam, BC to Hope, BC 45km to 185km Suggested Listening: Star Wars Cantina With the excitement of our first real day of cycling ahead of us… Read more


Once you choose Hope anything is possible (Wade)

So today was our first big ride (140km) and it was eye opening. We rode from Coquitlam to Hope and I don’t mind saying that I got my ass handed… Read more


Day 1: Vancouver to Coquitlam (Living as Kings)

Suggested Listening: Stars – Dead Hearts Queen – Bicycle Race Day 1: Vancouver to Coquitlam 0km to 45km After counting down for months for this day to come it’s come… Read more


Day 1

Day 1 – Nailed it Okay, well to be fair it was likely the easiest day of our journey. My flight left Hamilton at 6:30 am and arrived in Vancouver… Read more


New and Old Friends

July 1/July 2nd Suggested Listening: Oh Wonder – My Friends Currently aboard the BC Ferry from Victoria to Vancouver, I sit here mystified by the beautiful view out the window… Read more


Sweet Mother of God, it’s actually happening!!!

So here we are on the eve of my flight. The bikes were disassembled, shipped, received by a bike shop in Vancouver (Ride On It, Granville St), reassembled and waiting… Read more