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Song 7: Sufjan Stevens – Futile Devices

Artist: Sufjan Stevens Song: Futile Devices Taking a shower early this morning I decided to put some music on before getting in. I had song “Anyone’s Ghost” by the National stuck in my head so I did a quick search for it on Google Music and put it on. What I didn’t realize was that…
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Song 6: Madden – Alive

Artist: Madden Song: Alive With it being freezing cold outside and in general just being someone that can’t stand winter in Canada I spent most of my day hibernating inside watching Netflix. Most of my time was spent marathoning through much of Season 2 of the show “Derk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency” based on the…
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Song 5: Foals – Black Gold

Artist: Foals Song: Black Gold Even though it’s only been 5 days now, picking a song to listen to and share for the day has become a bit of fun process for me. Will I choose it randomly? Should I look up an unknown or new song from an artist I know? Should I ask someone…
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Song 4: HAIM -Nothing’s Wrong

Artist – HAIM Song: Nothing’s Wrong Sitting at work today bored out of my mind I took a little mental break to think about what I might listen to today. In the end, I opted to download the two albums by the lovely “soft rock/pop” trio Haim. Made up three sisters these women have such…
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Song 3: Dizzy – Happy New Year (ABBA Cover)

Artist: Dizzy (ABBA Cover) Song: Happy New Year It’s the third day of this project and I’m already “cheating” by including this song today. The song I’ve selected today was actually a song I heard yesterday for the first time. On top of that it’s actually a song I’ve heard dozens of times before, but…
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Song 2: The National – Anyone’s Ghost

Artist: The National Song: Anyone’s Ghost Like so many people these days I consume a lot of my music on the go. Having always been too lazy to actually transfer the music I’ve bought onto my music on my phone I would often just stream music using Soundcloud, Spotify (the free version with annoying ads)…
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Song 1: LAYLA – New Year (January 1st 2018)

Artist: LAYLA (Josephine Vander Gucht) Song: New Year I discovered this gem today when Oh Wonder tweeted about this being the first song they (Josephine and Anthony) worked on together. Despite absolutely loving Oh Wonder I somehow failed to even think about looking into any solo or side projects they may have had before Oh…
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2017: A Year In Music

2017: A Year in Music This year had some real gems in terms of both albums released and concerts which I was lucky enough to attend. For the future, I hope to capture these experiences in my writing when they’re fresh and glimmering with the magic that music brings into my life. In the meantime,…
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