Day 1: Toronto to Beijing (July 25/26)

Day 1: Toronto to Beijing (July 25/26)

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With a 13 hour flight ahead of me today I opted to stay up as late as possible the night before in hopes that I’ll be able to sleep on the plane. I spent most of the night watching Season 7 of Suits and getting my stuff ready for the flight. By the time I eventually passed out it was around 5:30am and my partner Shantel was waking up in Quebec City to start her shift (she’s a flight attendant). Taking advantage of the chance to to connect with her this morning we exchanged a few messages before I eventually passed out (after being away for just under 24 hours), Waking up a couple hours later just after 9am to get ready for my chiropractor appointment at 9:45am I noticed text messages from both my sister and the airline. Our 5:30pm flight had been moved to 7:20pm because of “Corporate Planning” (whatever that means).

After a very satisfying visit to my chiropractor Dr. Matthew Jackson (at Regent Health Centre if anyone’s looking for a great chiropractor) I decided to treat myself to some sweets at Democracy (a Cinnabon Bun and Hello Dolly) and grabbed an Apple Fritter from Donut Monster as well for good measure. Not knowing what food will be like for me as a vegan in China and Mongolia I figured I could justify indulging myself a bit before going. After picking up the sweets I went to the bank and currency exchange to take out some American Dollars (just to be safe) and some Chinese Yuan.

With the flight being delayed and now a little more free time than expected before my sister would be picking me up at 2:30pm I took my time getting ready. I think I probably packed too much if I’m being honest, but since we have a place arranged to stay each night I’m not worried much about having to carry it around a lot. In between packing I watched more of the 7th season of Suits.

Once my sister picked me up we made our way to the airport (where I am now) and went through security quickly without issue. With both my sister and I being terrible with directions the most challenging part of the whole process was getting to the parking. Let’s just say we took the “scenic route” to finding the parking lot, haha. In the end though we made it without issue. Our plane boards in about 20 minutes now so I better wrap this up for now. Next time you here from me I’ll be in China!

Love and Peace,
Nate xo

PS: How sweet is this – my partner wrote me a note for every day I’m gone on the trip. So excited to read them!

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