Day 11: Exploring Dali (August 4th)

Day 11: Exploring Dali (August 4th)

Before going to bed last night we all agreed that tomorrow we’d have a good sleep in and take our time today. I lazed around in my bed until 10ish and had such a nice chat with my partner Shantel before going to have a quick breakfast in the hostel lobby area.

After quick breakfast we braved the rain to visit the historic Three Pagados. Wikipedia tells me that :

The Three Pagodas of the Chongsheng Temple are an ensemble of three independent pagodas arranged on the corners of an equilateral triangle, near the old town of DaliYunnan province, China, dating from the time of the Kingdom of Nanzhao and Kingdom of Dali in the 9th and 10th centuries.

I have to admit I don’t know much about the history, but I can certainly say they were quite a sight to take in. Also located there are a handful of some incredibly impressive temples and hundreds of tourists there to take in their beauty and in some cases pray. We kept walking uphill to to temple thinking it was the last to find out there was another for quite some time.  Getting to the next one was a much appreciated break from the rain. Inside each were some massive and beautiful statues that the few photos I took don’t begin to do justice. The final temple we climbed had a great view of the city which was quite great to take in as well. By the time we were done walking through the whole area we had all built up an appetite so we grabbed some watermelon as a snack. The kids also grabbed some frozen treats.

Still feeling hungry as we opted to walk through the old town looking for a place to eat. Adam tried searching for something online, but when we went to find we had no luck. With every one getting hungrier we decided to go back to Emma’s since we all really enjoyed it the night before. Like the evening before I asked the woman at the front(who I think is the owner) for her suggestion. She recommended I try a spicy tofu and mushroom dish. As expected it was delicious and very filling. Everyone else was also quite satisfied with their food. Despite feeling quite full we ended up stopping for sweets (donut and cakes) on the way back to the hostel.

Around 6ish after a lot of walking we opted to head back to the hostel/hotel to rest for a bit before deciding what we wanted to do that night. In the end we opted to have a chill night in at the hostel. We ate a small dinner there, enjoyed the performers at their open mic and then called it any early night.


Nate xo

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