Day 16: Beijing to Ulaanbaatar (August 9th)

Day 16: Beijing to Ulaanbaatar (August 9th)

*photos to come later*

With no concrete plans today we slept in a bit. Kim wasn’t feeling well so Jamie hung back with her to make sur she was alright while Dave and I went to loo for some food. I couldn’t much around me that looked appetizing so I settled on… Subway… sigh. Dave got a couple sandwiches at local bakery.

On the way back from breakfast we saw my one brother leaving for the day. He said he was going to go visit the military museum and invited us to come along. Not particularly interested we both ended going back into the hotel for a short bit. Jamie and I then decided to go check out the nearby Lama Temple (Buddhist) and the Temple of Confucius. After walking around the first temple though I was feeling “templed out”. After a while the temples sort of all start to feel the same much like seeing a lot of churches in Europe start to feel the same way. Jamie and I went to look at the Temple of Confucius, but when we got there decided it wasn’t worth going in so we went back to the hotel to hang out for a bit. At the hotel, Kim, David, Jamie, and I hung out for a while listening to more of the podcast “This Sounds Serious”. Besides when Dave and I went out for a short walk, and when Kim, Jamie, David and I went out for a snack, the four of us hung out at the hotel to beat the heat until around 5ish when we left for the airport. Mat returned after visiting the military museum a short while before and reported it was pretty boring.

Together we all then took the hot subway and then airport express to the airport. The trip was pretty uneventful overall. Once at the airport Kim went with one of my brothers to eat at a Chinese restaurant, Jamie went to go look for something and get KFC, and Dave and I went to look for something else to eat. In the end nothing really jumped out at me and since I wasn’t that hungry I opted not to get any anything. Dave grabbed some pasta at Pizza Hut. We all then just sorted waited doing our own thing.

The flight itself started off extremely hot. It was so hot in fact that I was sweating. On top of this, there was a large youth group traveling from France that was quite loud. Outside it was raining and because of the rain, we didn’t end up leaving until about 1.5 hours later. Because of the delay we didn’t ger into Mongolia until quite late. In fact, it wasn’t until about 2am that we went to sleep. Our guide picked us the airport and helped us take some money out of the ATM. When driving back to the hotel he asked if any of us had any dietary restrictions. This immediately made me very worried. We paid a lot of money for this tour and for our guide not to know about the dietary restrictions we specified immediately shook my confidence in the whole thing. On top of that our itinerary seemed to be switched around. I was trying to remain positive, but I have to admit it wasn’t easy.

Once in the hotel I shared a room with one of my brothers, Dave got his own room and Kim and Jamie shared a room. I talked very briefly with my friend Katie about the exciting news of her playing Metric for the Indie88 5th Birthday party and then went to bed.



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