Day 22: Ancient Capital Kharkhorin (August 15th)

Day 22: Ancient Capital Kharkhorin

(August 15th)

*photos to come later*

To say I slept poorly would be to make a massive understatement. It was so incredibly cold and u comfortable last night that I was tossing and turning in my bed (when  I wasn’t shivering from the cold). Our request for a morninng fire wasn’t fulfilled either which just made things worse as I lied in bed in the morning desperately waiting for some warmth. I later found out that they went to the others ger by mistake and none of them thought to either correct them or make an effort to ensure they also came to our ger dice we were the ones that requested it. Cold, tired and miserable I want impressed whe  I heard that at breakfast. Before breakfast though I eventually gave up on the idea of the fire being lit and went to the washer om since I really had to pee.

Like the national museum in Ulaanbaatar the museum covered the history of Mongolia starting from. early stone age. The museum while small is well out together and quite informative. I liked looking at the model city displayed in the center of the museum most. It reminded me of an amazing Dungeons and Dragons miniature city. The museum has a nice gift shop which Kim got and Jamie oth bought something from if my memory serves me correctly. Once we finished up shopping in there we went to go explore the monastery grounds.

The monastery we saw today was the first Buddhist monastery in Mongolia called Erdene zuu. It was built in 1586 by remains of Kharakhorum city. Erdenezuu monastery was surrounded by a fortress wall which has 108 stupa. The monastery grounds and temples on site were if I’m being honest not all that different from many of the others we’ve seen. I talked about being “temples out” earlier and this just confirmed it depsite it being quite nice. Once we finished walking around the area we went to the souvenir shops nearby where we found a gift for our family Doctor who is retirong at the end of summer. From there we went back to camp to relax for a it and wait for dinner. Kim and I talked about life for a while in the ger which was really nice.

Dinner was pretty tasty tonight with tofu, veggies and potatoes. It was nice to have some protein in the meal since we hadn’t got too much before hand. We opted to make breakfast plans for 8am tomorrow and cjmgove ourselves a bit of a sleep in. While dinner wrapped up it started to pour rain. The thunder and lightning followed quickl. We had originally planned on a walk or hike after dinner nearby the camp but with the thunderstorm outside that plan was quickly canceled. Dave and I sprinted to our gers while the others opted to wait for it to slow down before making the walk. Even running we still got pretty wet. A little bitter Kim arrived at the ger wet but it totally soaked. We were fortunate that the staff came around quickly and got a toasty warm fire going for us not long after we Kim arrived. It was impressive to see one of the staff climb the outside of the wet ger to adjust the top cover of the ger so the smoke could get out. Kim and I then spend some time listening to the 6th episode of the podcast since she hadn’t heard it yet and trying to get a butterfly out of our ger (it took way longer than it should have). Afterwards we both got ready bed and then she read a bit while I wrote and read a little as well.

As I laid in bed finishing up today’s reflection I couldn’t help, but think how the tables had turned and I contrast from the night before being so cold it was now so hot that even in my boxers with no blankets on I was uncomfortable. I took a short break from writing to send my co-worker Sherri and email because I got a random compulsion to do so and just felt like acting on it. Around 11:15pm I finally called it a night and went to bed.

Lot of love,

Nate xo

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