Day 23 – Invariable Truths & Unanswered Questions About Our Ride (Wade)

Today was a fairly non-descript journey from Dryden to a place called English River. What? Never heard of it? Me neither, but I can tell you the English River Inn is very nice and very picturesque. Anyway I thought it may be interesting to go over some of the things that happen every day, and some things that have come up that I may never know the answer to.

Invariable Truths:

-Everyday we will have a stretch of road and say out loud, “I could live with this all day.” And conversely we will inevitably hit a narrow paved shoulder of 8-12 inches and look to the 8-12 feet of loose gravel shoulder and curse profusely

-Everyday we will use the bathroom before we leave where ever we are staying and stop to pee at least twice before hitting the 50km mark…where we always stop to pee

-Everyday I start well loving the first 50km, feel less impressed the 2nd 50km, we break at about 100km, I curse the 3rd 50km, and pray for the sweet relief of death for everything after that

– The wind, prevailing or not, will always go the opposite way we want it to

-Everyday we talk about an all you can eat Indian food buffet we would destroy, but they are always closed when we need them

Unanswered Questions:

-Will I ever feel my hands again. I have 2 fingers on each hand (different btw) that I have not felt since British Columbia

-Will my saddle EVER be broken in? I purchased this Brooks B17 saddle because all I read said it was the best available and it was like riding on a dream. My dreams are much more comfortable than sitting on this piece of concrete.  They said it could take anywhere between 150-1500km to break in. We are over 3000km into the ride. Fuck you Brooks.

-Who drinks Bud Light? From BC to Kenora the number of Bud Light cans I have seen at the side of the road has been astronomical. Set aside the question of why they are there, but who drinks this?!? The number of cans I have seen has FAR exceeded the amount of Bud Light I have ever seen bought, sold, and consumed combined in my entire life

-How fast can I gain this weight back? I feel that with the advice of Dr. Nick I can do it quickly. By cutting out empty vitamins and focussing on assal-horizontology I can do it.

Kilometers cycled today: 160

Suggested Song from my iPod Travel Mix: Change the Sheets – Kathleen Edwards

Bye-Bye Everybody!

3 thoughts on “Day 23 – Invariable Truths & Unanswered Questions About Our Ride (Wade)

  1. I have seen you eat deep fried cake (aka doughnuts) and I just know you could definitely find some calories in 12 or so…

  2. Loving your blog, and thoroughly impressed with your cycling ability/mental discipline/determination/volunteerism. What device and/or app are you using to measure your distance etc? What are you primarily eating to replace the 1,000’s of calories you are burning per day? You’ve got to be up at close to a 5,000+ calorie burn per day. Thanks, and good cycling!

    1. Hey Andrew, i have a bike computer/speedometer/odometer to measure that stuff.
      What are we eating to replace those calories? The answer is anything and everything we can.
      During the ride (on the advice of a nutritionist) we are co stably eating sugars of whatever variety we can. When we finish, anything is fair game. It is not unusual to eat a footlong sub, a whole pizza, a smoothie and a full bag of chips within an hour or two.

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