Day 24: More Ulaanbaatar (August 17th)

Day 24: More Ulaanbaatar (August 17th)

After a rough end to the night I didn’t sleep particularly well and when I woke up a bit before 8am I figured there was no sense in even trying to get back to sleep. I went down for breakfast at 8am and did my best to let Dave sleep as late as he wanted. Breakfast at the hotel is a buffet and there were a lot more options for me at 8am then there was the first time we had breakfast here last time at 9:30am. Kim was already in the dining hall when I went to get food so I joined her.

Once I finished breakfast, Shantel (aka my amazing and super duper sweet partner) after hearing I had a rough night made time after a long day of work for a video chat to check-in and cheer me up. Kim let me use her room to chat with Shantel so I could have some privacy which was really nice. Meanwhile, Kim tried to see if by some chance our airline had some free seats on earlier flights. They got our hopes up at one point, but it quickly flies through. It’s looking like we’re set to be in Beijing until the 20th despite both of us were keen to just get home.

Kim then left for a bit to go shopping while I finished up chatting with Shantel a bit and watching the little bit of the Dizzy show live on Instagram. Both the conversation and video just made me wish I was home even more.

Around 10am I decided to go for my own walk and opted to hunt for some vegan ice cream. I was unsuccessful, but I did find a super cute vegan restaurant and got some chocolate cake! I got a piece to eat there and another piece for later! 🙂

Getting back to the hotel just before the 11:30am meet up time we agreed on the day before I quickly grabbed a couple of things from the room and we left to go see the black market. We wandered around the expansive market for a while browsing a huge selection of random goods, but Jamie was the only one who ended up buying a fishing lure of all things. After exploring the market for a bit we killed a bit of time before going to the cultural show. The show included quite a variety of different music, dancing, and my favourite part a contortionist. There were also some pretty impressive costumes and outfits in the show. Once we finished up we went out for a big dinner together where we stuffed our faces (it was a buffet) and Tugi kept encouraging us to eat. Filled with the food we spent the evening back at the hotel trying to let the food settle before bed and our early morning flight.

Before bed, I had a bath (the first of the entire trip!) and now finally having the time took advantage of the chance to relax and listen to the new Dizzy album “Baby Teeth” uninterrupted from start to finish. As I expected it’s INCREDIBLE and even better than I could have imagined. I’ve said this elsewhere already, but it’s worth repeating: this is easily the best album of the year. I can’t recommend it enough and I really hope others take the time to stream it and then buy it. Okay – on that completely unrelated to my trip note it’s time I call it a night since we’re getting picked up at 3am to head to the airport and catch our flight back to Beijing. But first… That second piece of chocolate cake is calling my name!

See ya later Mongolia!

Lots of love,

Nate xo

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