Day 26 – Single Digits, Baby!!! (Wade)

Another day, another milestone. Okay maybe not a real milestone, but a big deal for us: we are down to single digits in terms of riding days left! Nathan also tells me we are now over 3,500km cycled for the trip so far!

Today we went from Nipigon to Terrace Bay and I have to say it was a spectacular ride. Not in terms of road conditions but in terms of breathtaking scenery and incredible vistas.

It was a tough ride in terms of the hills we faced, think of ups and downs like looking at a heart rate monitor, but it was worth it. All we’ve heard (and read about) is that going along Lake Superior will be all hills and today we got our first real taste. The roads were on the whole much safer today which made things even better.

Tomorrow we’ll see where the wind takes us. Maybe we’ll stop at a place called Dunc Lake (which is apparently famous for its cavernous septic tank, the world’s largest, capable of holding 4 million cubic litres of human feces – they call it the “Dunc Tank.”). Or maybe we push on to a town called White River (which is so named because it is the birthplace of White Out and the loose environmental regulations on that industry).

Kilometers cycled today: 107

Suggested Song from my iPod Travel Mix: Heard Them Stirring – Fleet Foxes  (accurately captures the feeling of North Superior)

One thought on “Day 26 – Single Digits, Baby!!! (Wade)

  1. I’ve travelled the road to Thunder Bay many years ago….at least it isn’t snowing!! my bucket list includes going through the Ontario again. We go to Timmins for family things, but not much beyond. You’ve inspired us!

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