Day 25 – The Journey Along Superior Begins (Wade)

Leaving Thunder Bay this morning we passed the Terry Fox Monument and shortly after that we passed the spot where he ended his Marathon of Hope.

It would have been a fantastic symbol for determination and dedication, but sadly it coincided with beginning of the stretch of road (between Thunder Bay and Sault She. Marie that clearly does not take cyclists into consideration.

Today was 112km of narrow paved shoulders and construction. The wind, which was our best friend yesterday, turned against us again today. Our 112km made yesterday’s 175km seem preferable.

We are staying in Nipigon. Never heard of it? Well let me tell you it is the home of Canada’s Smallest Canadian Tire store!

Nate went in to see if they could adjust his bike. They could not but they did suggest a guy in town who could. A superhero named Michael Elliot who runs a company called Epic Adventures.

After seeing all of what Nipigon has to offer and a firm warning from an overly-sensitive police officer, I decided that it was time for my shorts to stop falling off. Since I really couldn’t justify purchasing a belt for this trip I decided to improvise.

Classy. Yes, that is an elastic band keeping my pants up. Jealous?

Kilometers cycled today: 112

Suggested Song from my iPod Travel Mix: A Day In The Life – The Beatles

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