Day 28 – White River to Wawa (Wade)

Something interesting about this trip is that it rarely seems Nate and I are “feeling it” on the same day. Some days Nate is crushing it and I’m struggling, and somedays vice versa (mostly the former). Today we had a sleep-in, a good breakfast, and then got started. For whatever reason today I was not feeling it.

97km from White River to Wawa, not rough terrain (wind in our faces naturally ☺). I’ll take this scenario 8 days a week, but my legs were not having it.

Actually this brings up an interesting point: dear readers, have you asked yourself “I wonder how Nate and Wade’s legs feel after so many days?” Well, we walk like old men off the bikes. We are prone to seemingly losing our balance at odd moments. Every time we wake up in the morning we groan like octogenarians.  After every break on the bikes it takes a few kilometers to convince our legs this is not optional.  We have a fine assortment of ointments and pain relief rubs. So, pretty good I guess.

Anyway, today in Wawa Nate displayed the benefits of being an extrovert and struck up conversation with a group of people who donated $40 on the spot (not an uncommon occurrence BTW, which blows my mind. Seeing some random guys who say they are raising money for something then handing them cash…Mind. Blown.), then one of them offered us a place to stay in Iron Bridge! So amazing! It may not work out but what an amazing thing to offer!

So tomorrow we have some pretty big hills as we travel through Lake Superior Provincial Park, but we only have 7 more days of riding! In 1 week we will be home!

Kilometers cycled today: 97

Suggested Song from my iPod Travel Mix: Heart of Gold – Neil Young

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