Day 29 – Wawa to Batchawana Bay (Wade)

What do you get when you take an extrovert (Nate) and an introvert (me), and stick them together for 30 days? A really bored extrovert, LOL.

Now, add another extrovert going the same way to the same destination: pure bliss all-around!

We met up with a cyclist named Andy from the UK about 70km into the ride and Nate immediately began talking his ear off (☺, love ya buddy). That left me to forge on ahead and set the pace. Nate has been telling people how nice it is to speak to someone not named Wade (we have not yet had the opportunity to determine if we met another Wade what would happen). I had a beautiful solo ride and Nate and Andy got their chat on.

Today was probably my favorite day of riding. 152km of challenging, but not soul-destroying, hills; beautiful scenery; gorgeous vistas; and beautiful coves and bays in Lake Superior.

BTW, I went into the water twice today on the ride: once at a beautiful place called Katharine’s Cove in Lake Superior Provincial Park, and once across from our motel in Batchawana Bay. For anyone that knows about me on the topic of water, this will be surprising. But I can say that it is so inviting EVEN I couldn’t resist.

(That is Nate jumping in in full cycling gear)

I also feel it necessary to mention that leaving Thunder Bay, having heard how dangerous the roads and hills are along Lake Superior, then having that first day be so terrifying I was ready to look into a bus schedule and meet Nate in Sault She. Marie. I’m really glad I didn’t ☺

Kilometers cycled today: 152

Suggested Song from my iPod Travel Mix: Runnin – The Pharcyde

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