Day 30: Batchawana Bay to Sault Ste. Marie (Fond Farewells)

Day 30: Batchawana Bay to Sault Ste. Marie (Fond Farewells)

3919km – 3983km (64km)

Suggested Listening:

Lukas Graham – 7 Years (Andy mentioned liking this song while we had dinner and now I think each time I hear I’ll think of him)

Getting out of bed shortly after 8am it was nice to feel very little pressure about getting started this morning as we had such a short ride (64km) ahead of us. Also, after having gone to bed around 2:30am the night before, as you might expect I wasn’t exactly quick moving. Wade left to go have breakfast at the restaurant while I made up some food in the room. I later learned that Wade woke up around 6am and crafted a couple potential route options for the next few days which look promising. We are going to see how the weather looks and take it one day at a time.

As for the actual ride today it unfortunately took place on some pretty poor roads. In addition to a small shoulder in many cases it was crumbling or so badly damaged that it forced into the road to ride with the cars. Thankfully traffic wasn’t too bad for most of the day, but still it was less than ideal. Additionally we had a few encounters with some construction on the road which held us.  Otherwise, besides a few tough hills include “One Mile Hill” which combined with the heat had me dripping sweat from my forehead onto my knees I can’t say there was anything to complain about. The last stretch into Sault Ste. Marie was particularly pleasant as it was a long coast into town and we took it with the three Québécois (aka: “the French connection” as Wade has named them) folks we met the day before. Meeting them at the top of “One Mile Hill” we formally introduced ourselves and learned that their names were Nic, Will and MJ. We also exchanged numbers and discussed possibly meeting up later in the day.

Despite being early our receptionist Rebecca gave us the good news that our room in the motel was ready so we unloaded our bags and headed straight for Velorution bike shop which was a short ride (1km) away. At Velorution I was confirmed to be overly paranoid about my wheel (which I thought might be the case) and they said it didn’t need to be trued at all. The mechanic in fact said nothing needed to be done to it except that the disc brakes sometimes get a little bend in them and that it’s totally fine to just bend them back lightly with your hand. Knowledge is power and knowing this for the future I suspect will help ease my mind if I hear what I think might be an issue. We did opt to leave the bikes with the shop to get cleaned and lubed up though since they hadn’t had any love since Medicine Hat, AB. The one woman in the shop working couldn’t believe it and strongly encouraged in the future that we give them love more often in the future.

Knowing it would take the a while to get to our bikes cleaned up we opted to stock up on some drinks and snacks for the next couple of days of riding. Once stocked up we walked back to the motel where I finished up my blog post from yesterday and Wade went to go explore the motel pool. From what I heard from him it left a lot to be desired and wasn’t even worth checking out. With it being mid afternoon now Wade and I were feeling hungry and looking for something quick to eat.  Across the street from the motel was…do I even need to say it? Subway. Wade kindly went to go pick up a sub for me while I plugged away on the blog. Not long after eating our lunch we got a call from the bike shop letting us know the bikes were ready to be picked up. Walking over to get the bikes, the sky was looking quite stormy and we were feeling pretty nervous about getting poured on. Fortunately, it held off and didn’t seem to come at all. I’m really hoping that doesn’t mean it will hit us tomorrow during the ride, but Wade does tell me they’re calling for rain every single day of the rest of the trip. Lucky us…

With the bikes back at the motel we relaxed for a bit and made plans with Andy to go to out for all you can eat sushi at a place close by to us all. Not having had much sushi in my life I was pleasantly surprised, but not blown away. I did leave quite full which was the primary goal. It seems funny though that the it’s on one of the shortest days of riding that we finally found an all you can eat restaurant. For me really the best part of the dinner was getting another chance to hang out with Andy before saying our final goodbyes. Despite having only known him for a couple days I’ll miss having him around. He seems like a really great guy. He’s set to take a rest day tomorrow and explore the city while we move on.

With our stomachs full and the Game of Thrones episode still to watch, when the evening rolled Wade and I didn’t feel up for venturing out so we let our Québécois friends know we’d be staying in and wished them safe travels. After watching the Game of Thrones episode from Sunday, Wade put on the Jays game and crushed his nightly bag of chips.  Naturally taking much longer than him to write I finished up this entry while he dosed off to sleep just after 10pm.

Tomorrow we’ve set the alarm for 6am to be ready for the free breakfast which begins at 6:30am. Originally tomorrow’s plan was to ride to Iron Bridge and stay with the kind gentleman Roger that we met the other day, but we’re opting instead to ride further so we can hopefully shorten some future days. It looks like at minimum we’re planning for about 140km or if the wind is helpful possibly 190km. I’m quite liking the fact that we have at least a bit of flexibility with some of these days. I know it won’t be that way with them all though.

With the earlier morning tomorrow planned I should probably head to sleep sooner rather than later.

Sweet dreams and much love,

Nate xo


2 thoughts on “Day 30: Batchawana Bay to Sault Ste. Marie (Fond Farewells)

  1. ?❤️ Nathan we are rooting for you all the way. Your blogs are fantastic. Your Mom would be so very proud of both of you as are we. Take care and stay safe. Love always
    Aunt Sharon and Uncle Lowell XO

    1. Thank you for the incredibly kind words! It was a trip of a lifetime and so helpful for the healing process. It also felt so good to make a difference by fundraising. 🙂


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