Day 30 – One Full Month (Wade)

To celebrate the 30 day mark of this trip I wanted to give a couple things that I have been greatful for on this trip.

– the kindness of strangers: people we don’t know and have barely met who have given us money for the Alzheimer’s Society and/or offered up their own personal space to have us stay with them.  Simply amazing.

-friendship: Nate and I have not fought once, and it is safe to say that the number of hours we have spent APART (like not in the same room) can be counted on two hands. Speaking of friendship I see who “likes” my posts each day, and if even half of you have read half of them, consider my mind blown. No judgement intended. Everyone has their own lives, their own successes and dramas, and reading about mine (especially when they all essentially read, “hate wind, road stinks, me tired, insert joke”) has to be a chore at times. Nonetheless, even a simple “like” fills my heart with a shot of dopamine ❤

-luck: I may complain about the wind, I may complain about the roads, but I can’t deny that I habe been lucky. Leaving Wawa the other day we heard that a cyclist had been struck and killed that day. This prompted a call or two to let my loved ones know it was not I. The fact remains that any one of us could die trying to open a bottle of Boost meal replacemt drink that says “Tear Here” but there are no perforations and my hands are numb so I can’t really tell if I have a good grip on the bottle or not and I shouldn’t have put sunscreen on first AAAAAHHHHH! But I digress. I have been lucky. Period.

-patience: I can tell that my beautiful and permissive wife who allowed me to leave her for (then 38 days, now) 35 days is having her patience wear thin. I can understand for sure. Life continues, things come to a head, things come up, things don’t happen that should, and being a single parent cannot be easy.

So today was more or less a “nothing ride” for us from beautiful Batchawana Bay to Sault Ste. Marie (64km).  We had decided that since our bikes had not been touched by skilled hands since Medicine Hat they were due for a look. We brought them to a place called Velorution where they were pronounced healthy but in need of oil. And so it was done.

The only things of note about today’s ride were the TERRIBLE conditions of the roads (shoulders) where for the first 50km they were 10-12 inches and always crumbling, forcing riders onto the road and the car side of the white line. Trust us honking drivers, no one wants this less than we do.

The other thing of note was a place the locals called “One Mile Hill.” A name that did not exactly strike fear into our hearts as we have already done two separate hills locals referred to as “Ten Mile Hill.” However, we did take this warning seriously and when we finished what Nate and I had assumed was this hill I had to inform him that it was actually more like 1.4 miles and the locals has lied to us. That hill was not enjoyable. By halfway up both of us were dripping with sweat. Hot!!!

Kilometers cycled today:  64

Suggested Song from my iPod Travel Mix: Greasy Jungle – The Tragically Hip

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