Day 31 – Another New Experience (Wade)

Today we left the City of Sault Ste. Marie for Blind River. What I have discovered about the roads in Northern Ontario is that they are having a secret competition to see who can maintain the worst conditions for cyclists.

For real. If the Trans-Canada wasn’t supposed to be used by cyclists (like the 400-series highways) then complaints about poor shoulders for cyclists wouldn’t be warranted. But that is not the case. Nearly every day we have met at least one cyclist crossing the country and they are dealing with as we are. Another note on this before I end this rant is that Ontario recently passed a law stating all vehicles had to give at least 1.5m of space to all cyclists – that is tough for them to do when there is a 2-lane highway and no (or virtually no) shoulder.

Today about 55km into the trip we were cycling in single file on our 12 inch shoulder and a transport came up behind us and when it pulled even blasted it’s horn! The “New Experience” I’m referring to in the blog post title is not soiling myself, but that would not be unwarranted I think. There was no reason for them to do that other than to scare us (as there was no other vehicle in either direction). That was not fun and frankly made the rest of the ride feel full of anxiety.

The new experience I was referring to was doing a radio spot with Nate. Earlier on he had done an interview with an AMI radio show called Kelly and Company (I was unavailable) and this was the follow-up. I managed not to make a fool out of myself (I think, if anyone hears it please don’t dispel my delusion). It was actually pretty fun ☺

So today marks us going over the 4,100km mark of the trip. I looked at the bike route we’ve taken on Google Maps and it’s kind of unbelievable to see.

On a side note, another thing I should have added to the earlier “Truths” post was that I have no idea what town I am in at any given time, nor do I have any concept of what day if the week it is.

Kilometers cycled today: 142

Suggested Song from my iPod Travel Mix: I Go Blind – 54-40

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