Day 32 – Blind River to Sheguiandah (Wade)

So it has become an ongoing joke about how the wind is always against us. This morning with a 20kmph wind blowing straight in our faces for the first 100km, Nate and I discussed the 3 days we know for sure the wind was assisting us. 3 days. That is about 10% of this trip. Rough.

Anyway, once we got to Espanola WE changed directions, and thus the wind became a non-factor. It was heavenly ?

From Espanola to Little Current the ride was actually very enjoyable. Hilly, wide shoulders, and beautiful. We met Nate’s dad in Little Current and went to a vegan smoothie and ice cream bar called The Island Jar.

Being pretty beat from the first two-thirds of the ride I went to the motel in Sheguiandah and Nate had a visit with his dad. ¬†This is my first time on Manatoulin Island and it seems really nice, but like all the places we’ve been we won’t have time to see much.

Tomorrow we’ll be leaving at the crack of dawn to catch the ferry from South Baymouth to Tobermory. Don’t you worry, we’ve checked the forecast and the wind SHOULD be in our faces all day ?

However, at least in my mind tomorrow we will be in Southern Ontario again!

Kilometers cycled today: 155

Suggested Song from my iPod Travel Mix ¬†(in honour of my beautiful wife’s birthday): Silver Road – Sarah Harmer & The Tragically Hip

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