Day 33 – That Was Rough (Wade)

(Insert Sean Connery comment here)

We started the day (and I use the term loosely) at 4:30am. We were about 55km from the ferry at South Baymouth and needed to get there before the 9:10am. If we missed that one then the next one wouldn’t leave until 1:00pm, which was not acceptable.

It was dark out and Nathan’s forward light had run out of battery. So for the first 45 minutes we went very slowly with my head cocked to the left  (my light is on my helmet). It was slow going because we couldnt really see and of course there were tornado warning winds in our faces. After that the sun rose and the rain started.

We made it to the first ferry soaking wet but glad to be there. The ferry was very comfortable but the AC was on and Nate and I nearly froze to death. After departing the ferry in Tobermory we still had about 110km to get to our planned destination in Owen Sound.

We had about 20km under our belts on the Bruce Peninsula before the rain started again. It more or less kept up for the next 50km. A great time was had by all! By that time we decided to have a 3:00pm lunch break and nearly froze to death in the Subway there, LOL.

Bravely we soldiered on to Owen Sound. We thought about covering some more distance but as it turns out there isn’t much between Owen Sound and Fergus (120km later).

Are you ready for the big news?!? We have about 190km left and we’re going to do our best to make home tomorrow!!!

Kilometers cycled today: 163

Suggested Song from my iPod Travel Mix: St. Lawrence River – David Usher

One thought on “Day 33 – That Was Rough (Wade)

  1. Whoot! Wish I could be present to cheer ya home but I’ll likely still be in transit myself, just not on a bike! Great job the two of you!

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