Day 34 – What A Day (Wade)

In Owen Sound, about 185km from home, we decided to make the push home.

We set the alarm for 5:00am. I went to bed at 11pm, but woke up for good at 2:30am (?) and Nathan decided to go to sleep at 1am. So we were both exhausted before we even started.

I checked the weather and it said stiff wind in our faces with a 70% chance of rain, but then around 9am the wind would shift in our favour and the chance of rain would drop. It was 12 degrees when we left the motel…and it rained 100% of the time for the first 50km.  We were so cold we pulled into a little town called Durham where some kind gentlemen felt sorry for us and bought us breakfast.

It was still raining and windy when we left the restaurant and we were so cold our teeth were chattering and I was shaking so violently that I was concerned for my safety.  I knew the only way to warm up in the wind and rain was to pedal like a maniac. So we did…until I got a flat.

I rode on the flat for as long as I could waiting for either the rain to stop or some shelter. We passed a Mennonite bakery and I considered buying some butter tarts, eating them and ending my trip right there. As it turns out were near a golf course and they let us use the shelter of their garage.

While I was fixing the flat the rain stopped and the wind began to shift. We got back on our bikes and we pedaled like mad men…then the rain started again but too late Mother Nature! All in all, the first 4 hours had less than 40 minutes without rain and 0 minutes of sun but kept our drinks cold!

The rest of the day was a blur of speed and general awesomeness. We stopped for a 2pm lunch at Boon Burger in Guelph at which point I texted Emily that we we’re too tired and had rented a motel, we would be home tomorrow. She didn’t buy it ?

We continued the wind and adrenaline fueled race home until we saw the sign we’d been looking for for 34 days:

However that was the city limits and we still had about 21km to get to our destination.  About 5km from home I got my second flat of the day. It was comically ridiculous.

We got into Victoria Park and we were greeted by so many friends! It was a complete surprise, all set up by Emily. It was an amazing end to this journey. I have had the experience of a lifetime and gained so many stories  (only some of which can be posted here ?).

I can’t end this post without saying that I would never have come close to completing this if it wasn’t for Nate. I found lots of excuses to pull the plug, but only even came close one time because of his presence and constant positivity.

Kilometers cycled today: 183

Total kilometers cycled: 4,626

Suggested Song from my iPod Travel Mix: Home – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes

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