High on Humans or Why I LOVE People

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As an extrovert, I feed off human connection and my appetite for it sometimes feels endless. It should come as no surprise to everyone when I say that excited doesn’t even begin to capture how much I’m looking forward to all of the amazing people I’m sure to meet on this bike trip. When I think back over the last month or so a few occasions stand out as ones where I was especially blessed to connect with some beautiful people.

May 26 – Astronautalis at the Dance Cave (Toronto)

After watching him perform a few nights before in Waterloo, ON and missing the opening acts I made a promise to them all that I’d make it to this show early to catch them. As a music lover, I feel like dismissing the opening/supporting acts is both disrespectful to the artists and usually a huge mistake. since from my experience, many are wildly talented

Sara Gibson – thanks for your energy at the show! You made the night unforgettable for me. I hope at one point or another we find a way to share each other’s energy again at a show!

Carson (aka Brom) – it was super rad to connect with you after the show. I’m super excited to have some vegan food and hang out in Calgary!

Jonny – I wish we had the chance to chat more after the show! You seem like a super awesome guy and I’m hoping we’re able to connect in Calgary

Daniel (aka Transit22) – Bless your soul, brother! Thanks for offering to reach out to folks in Calgary. Even if absolutely nothing comes from it the offer shows your true colours.

Andy (aka Astronautalis) – thanks for taking the time to chat, the hug and for always giving 110% of yourself at every show. Your shows make me forget about all my worries and feel alive again. It’s a beautiful feeling.

The women in the line waiting for the Go Bus: Thanks for being so open to chatting and helping to pass the time. Sorry, I can’t remember your name!

Anand and Meghna – I can’t thank you enough for all the laughing and great conversation on the Go Bus. You both so generously embraced my silliness with open arms and I feel blessed to have met you both! I really look forward to spending more time with you both!

Veg Fest Dinner in St.Catharines (June 3rd)

On the weekend of mother’s day and just a few days before my birthday I received an unexpected and very kind message from Wade expressing his sympathy for what he correctly identified would be a very emotionally challenging time. In this message, he also shared that he had two tickets to a 5 course vegan meal in St.Catharines on the 3rd of June and that him and his lovely wife Emily would be unable to go. Their loss was my gain… big time! Not only was the food amazing, but at this dinner, I met some really great people and shared some really nice conversations. A few people stuck out though as folks I was especially lucky to connect with at the dinner.

Kristine and Alyssa – Thank you both for taking such a genuine interest in the ride! It really filled my heart with joy!

France – such a pleasure to meet you and your husband at the dinner! I hope our paths cross again at some point!

The highlight though (besides Beechwood donuts because who are we kidding they can’t be topped) was getting to hang out with my new friend Samantha! Sam had been someone I knew for a long time, but never really got the chance to hang out before one-on-one. She brought so much positive energy to the experience and was crazy enough to say yes to joining me (and driving me) to St.Catharines despite hardly knowing me. I LOVE it when people just taking a chance on others and dive in head first. It seems to always make for such a great experience.

Sam- Thanks again for being the best company I could ask! I’m really hoping we get to hang out some more throughout the summer! You seem like a super rad person and I had a ton of fun getting to know you a bit over that meal!

Environment Hamilton Carbon Cycle Ride (June 10th and June 11th)

To all the organizers and volunteers – AMAZING job! Of the few group rides, I’ve participated in this one stands out as one of the absolute best.

Saige – after so many years of seeing you at Goodness Me and other random places it was so cool to finally get to know you a bit!

Chelsea Cox – I loved catching up and getting to hang out a bit!

Aly O- Despite knowing you for so long it’s been so cool getting to actually know you a bit better as of late. I hope we have more opportunity to hang out some more.

Joanna- thanks for being such great company on the ride! I hope we can take more adventures together at some point.

Esther Beatty- amazing job on the ride! It was so cool getting to see you make it through the ride despite your initial feelings of doubt.

Geoff Beatty- thank you for the great conversation at the Corktown! I really enjoyed chatting and hope we’ll get the opportunity to more of it in the future!

Miriam Beatty- I know of no words strong enough to adequately articulate my gratitude for your friendship. Big thanks for always being a source of joy in my life and the massage!

June – Thanks for giving me some massage practice and thank you also for the donation!

Brendan – Thanks for the great conversation on the ride! Way to pull through it despite your mechanical issues! I’m sure I’ll be channeling your perseverance at some points along my ride. You’re a champ! Thank you also for the generous donation! I hope to see you again on the ride next year!

Erin – thanks for taking an interest in my adventure and for the donation! It was great connecting with you!

Don and Susan – you’re both saints! Thanks for the donation and support in spreading the word about the ride.

Alana- sooooooooo cool getting to connect with you on the ride! Definitely made the world feel like a small place. I really hope we’re able to hang out more when I get back. Thanks a ton also for the donation!

All the musicians – thank you for sharing your gift with us all around the campfire. It was a beautiful experience and lovely way to wrap up the night.

June 18 – Toronto Trip

Casey – So nice getting to reconnect after so long! Thanks for being open to it, for being such an awesome listener and sharing your story! I look forward to hanging out again sometime when I get back.

Emily from Bunners– seeing you always makes my day! Sweets plus a lovely human being… could I ask for any more? Thanks for the big hugs and making the time to chat!

June 19 – The Internet!

Sometimes the wonderful and magical internet can be a beautiful force to connect you with folks from all over the world. On this particular night I put two requests out into the Facebook world and was blessed with some enthusiastic and truly heart warming responses.

To start I put out a request for a couch to crash on July 2nd in Vancouver. Within hours of doing so I had folks that I haven’t spoken with in years and others I barely know offering to reach out to their friends to see if they could help me find a place. Being the emotional sap I am their generosity nearly brought me to tears. People are so damn beautiful sometimes!

It was ultimately Brianna Locke (this lovely woman I met at a Stars concert years ago in Niagara on the Lake) that came to save the day by offering her home up to me. On top of this she’s been so supportive offering to help me get around the city and make me as relaxed as possible the night before the ride. It’s this kind of generosity that keeps me believing that at their core most people are kind and beautiful.

In addition to the request for a place to stay for a night I also put out a request to borrow an old tablet from someone to help keep the blog going along the journey a little easier. I’ll be honest I felt like this request was so unlikely to happen that it totally blew my mind when my friend Campbell Holinger responded within the HOUR saying he’d express mail an iPad Mini to me to make sure it got to me in time. Campbell lives in Carmel, Indiana (about 30 minutes outside of Indianapolis) so to ship the iPad and not ask for a cent for postage is an act of kindness I won’t ever forget. Even if Campbell were a long time friend of mine this would by many people standards be above and beyond what any one would ever expect from a friend. Perhaps what makes it truly MIND BLOWING is that I met Campbell in Toronto at a Stars concert in December 2016 and have only hung out with him twice (at back to back Stars concerts). Yes, you’ve read that correctly, I’ve known him for a grand total of 7 months and he’s doing this for me. That’s the kind of person he is – a saint!

Two fans of one of my absolute favourite bands coming to my rescue in the same day. It was a pretty beautiful experience. Given how good Stars and everyone in the band (though especially Torq) has been to me throughout my life I suppose it shouldn’t as a surprise to me how incredible some of their fans can be.

Thinking back on all of these experiences and all of the incredible ones sure to come I’m reminded again (see the previous post for context) by a quote from the author Kurt Vonnegut. Vonnegut in his book “A Man Without A Country” writes “And I urge you to please notice when you are happy, and exclaim or murmur or think at some point, ‘If this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is.” So profoundly simple and yet something I think so many of fail to do often enough. I can’t speak for others, but I know from myself that taking a brief moment to acknowledge my blessings has been something really meaningful for me especially during the challenging times. If you’re not doing it already I’d encourage you to give a try at some point!

Love, Peace and Bike Grease!


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