In the Spirit of Collaboration

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It’s finally here. The very first blog post from Nate and Wade! When discussing how to get started Wade proposed that in the spirit of collaboration it might be fun to do begin with a post written by the both of us. If you’re reading this you likely know that teamwork and collaboration are among my favourite things so I quickly jumped on board with the idea. Thinking about our fast approaching Ride to Remember (50 days away!) it seemed appropriate that it be the central focus. To get started we each crafted a few questions about the ride we thought other might find interesting and sent them to one another. I hope you enjoy!

1) How are you training for the ride?

Wade: I’m getting up at 4am every morning and cycling for 1.5 hours, and doing big rides as often as possible.

Nate: In contrast, my workout plan has mostly been taking the spoon from the coconut ice cream container and bringing it my mouth. On repeat. I’ll leave you to decide who has really been working harder. I also think about training a lot… that has to count for something, right? Fortunately, I do ride my bike about 15-20 minutes each way to work all year round though and for pretty much every errand since I don’t drive. I also go for the occasional run or run/walk the Wentworth stairs. From my limited experience with multi-day rides in the past, I feel pretty confident that my body will adapt fairly quickly… let’s hope I’m not wrong.

2) When you think about the trip what do you get most excited about?

Wade: It being over and being able to sleep in to a reasonable hour. 🙂

Nate: Actually starting! I can’t possibly articulate how excited I am to have this break from work, to spend so much time outside and have the opportunity to meet people from across the country while we fundraise for a really important organization.

4. Nate, you are vegan, and Wade you are gluten-free, what the heck are you guys going to eat during this trip?

Wade: Anything I can get my hands on. I’ve visited a nutritionist and basically put, we’ll need about 4000 EXTRA calories per day, and it is her advice that the vast bulk of that should be via sugars during the ride (>90g per hour)

Nate: Pretty much anything and everything that’s vegan-friendly… which isn’t much of a departure from how I normally live my life. I’ve been letting Wade take the lead on figuring out all the complicated nutrition things. At the end of the day I know if I’m eating and drinking a lot of food I’ll probably manage just fine.

5. What is your biggest concern about this trip?

Wade: Saddle sores, nuff said.

Nate: I simultaneously don’t really feel concerned about anything and also feel terrified about absolutely everything. If I had to pick a thing or two I think the idea of our bikes being stolen or damaged is quite worrisome. I know that when it comes down to it (excluding some absolutely outrageous disaster) it will all work out fine. I’m approaching the ride with the mentality that nothing is going to stop me from enjoying it.

6. Where are you guys going to be staying on this trip?

Wade: With friends and family where possible, motels, Air B&B’s. Pretty much anyplace that’ll have 2 dudes who will be super sweaty and super tired.

Nate: The cheapest places we can find. In addition to some friends and motels, I’ve been finding some hosts through and We are pretty open to staying anyplace on our route that will host us.

6) Besides your friends and family, what do you think you’ll miss most on the road away from home?

Wade: My D&D character Hodor D&D, I’ve grown quite fond of him over the years. Our campaign will be on hold while I’m away.

Nate: Without a doubt, I’ll miss going to live music/concerts the most. I’ve actually already made a list of the shows I’ll be missing and it’s a bit heartbreaking.

Love, Peace and Bike Grease,

Nate (and Wade)

2 thoughts on “In the Spirit of Collaboration

  1. Love the honesty! Looking forward to lots more blogs as you cross this amazing country. Thanks for making it easy to support you – with 100% of contributions going to combat Alzheimers!

    1. Thank you again for the financial support and your feedback! I hope you find some pleasure in the future blog posts! We aim to serve!

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