Too Excited To Sleep!

Suggested Listening: Love You To Death (Tegan and Sara)

I know it’s a super cliché thing to say, but seriously where did the time go? Just typing that makes me feel like a lazy writer. When I think about the fact that in less than 5 hours from now I’ll be boarding a plane I’m both overwhelmed with excitement and fear. It wasn’t long ago (February 6th) that Wade emailed asking me to come along on the trip. While he spends some time with his family in Ottawa and flies out in a couple of days I will be spending some time in Victoria, BC to get settled, see a few free concerts and catch up with some old friends. I’m so excited I actually can’t sleep.

Prior to this moment right now where I’m screwing future Nate over royally, the past few days have gone by so quickly it’s all been sort of a blur. Some exciting and noteworthy things have taken place though. For starters, on Tuesday morning I had my first live radio interview about the trip on Country 107.3 with Craig Fox. Craig had such great energy and enthusiasm during the interview that it left me feeling even more excited that I already am about this trip. Massive thanks to him for giving my story a platform.

On top of my live radio interview on Tuesday this week I also had the chance to share my story live on AMI Audio with Sharon and Jim. For whatever reason going into this interview, I felt so nervous. Moments before waiting for the call I remember actually taking a moment and acknowledging how fast my heart was beating. A moment on the phone with the two of them though and I instantly started to feel so much more comfortable. With thoughtful and engaging questions they gave me a platform to share more about the trip and why I’m taking the trip. Thank you, both for the opportunity to raise awareness about Alzheimer!

It’s worth noting that I owe my cousin Heather tremendously for helping to set up both of these interviews and spreading the news among my family. I really hope I can connect with both stations again at some point along the ride and share some progress.

In addition to these two interviews, my super awesome co-worker and friend Chris Wilson (seriously the guy is amazing) connected me with his father Paul Wilson at the Hamilton Spectator. When Wade and I spoke about chatting with the media we were both really hoping we could get some coverage here in the city so when Chris surprised me with the news on Wednesday after work I was ecstatic about it! Having finished the interview with Paul earlier tonight the expression “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” couldn’t possibly seem truer. After just a few minutes talking to Paul it was so obvious to me how Chris turned out to be such an awesome guy. I think what I really appreciated most about this interview is that Paul really took his time with me. I remember after he left thinking to myself how blessed I was to get the chance to connect with someone that without a doubt genuinely wanted to get to know me and share my story with others. I can’t wait to read what comes from all of it. If I’m remembering correctly I think it should be in the paper on July 11th.

Paul – even a sleep deprived version of me won’t forget the need for photos!

I really can’t thank all of them enough for helping me share my story and spread the word about the trip. I’m being completely honest when I say that it genuinely means the world to me.

Enough about the past though… this post was meant to be about how excited I am for the VERY near future! In 3 hours from now my brother, Jamie will be picking me up from my place and bringing me to the airport for my flight. Yes- you read that correctly. My brother is that awesome and is waking up at 4am to take me to the airport. In exchange for taking me I promised I’d try to get him a copy of this year’s Bike Month Bike To Work t-shirt (size large) so if anyone reading has information on how I can get my hands on one of them please reach out! I’m already in debt to him for 30 years of generosity so and kindness so if I can return this favour I’d be super happy. At this moment though I’m desperately hoping I can sleep on the plane because I’ve got a super busy day ahead of me as soon as I arrive in Victoria!

Getting the chance to start my trip with a free Tegan and Sara concert (literally the day I fly into Victoria) is the best possible way I can imagine beginning any vacation. Those that know me, know that my love for Tegan and Sara has no limits. Their music and activism means the world to me. If you’re not familiar with them I can’t recommend them enough. This show will only be made better by the fact that I get to experience it with my friend Julia. I had the extreme pleasure of meeting her on June 25th 2016 in Toronto at an exclusive Tegan and Sara show held at the Hilton Hotel. Singing and dancing our hearts out to the music we instantly clicked and I knew that despite the fact that we only spent a few hours together we’d remain friends for years to come. I learned a long time ago that Tegan and Sara fans have a special bond and their music has a way of bringing people together. I’m so happy to know I’ll have her company again to see our hearts out one more time together.

Julia – I love you to death.

While in Victoria I’m also desperately hoping I get the chance to reconnect with my beautiful friend, former co-worker and big sister, Candace Dube. No one words can capture what this woman means to me. It’s been years since we’ve each seen other in the flesh and getting the chance to give her even a single embrace really is reason enough to take this trip.

Candace – I love you to death.

The next day I get what I’m calling my official Hamilton send off when I get to watch the Arkells play a free show. While I’ve only seen them a handful of times compared to Tegan and Sara, their concerts always leave me a sweaty mess and high on life. If you haven’t heard their newest song “Knocking At The Door” yet you should take a break from reading and listen right now (seriously stop reading and listen to it). When I think about this trip the lyrics “No, I don’t need a miracle/ I got something far more powerful /And in this collective/ I’ve got a brand new perspective” really resonates with me. Maybe I was naive, but the truth is when Wade and I set the fundraising goal at $4,690 I genuinely thought it would take a miracle for us to reach it. When we blew past our goal quite rapidly I quickly learned that with the support of so many incredible people we truly have something far more powerful. I’m also just feeling excited about having a bit of Hamilton love with me in Victoria before I leave since I think it will be really good to help calm my nerves.

After a couple days in Victoria, I’ll make my way to Vancouver on July 2nd to meet up a very dear friend and pick up any last minute things for the trip. My close friends won’t be surprised that both of the friends I’m meeting up with are connections I’ve made through the Tegan and Sara community. Getting an idea of how much Tegan and Sara mean to me yet?

I’m also outrageously excited about getting to reconnect with my friend Andy. Andy and I met nearly 7 years ago when we were two of the 75 handpicked fans to be part the concert portion of Tegan and Sara’s film “Get Along” in Vancouver. Since that show, we’ve stayed in touch and spent countless nights chatting and Skyping about everything and anything (though if I’m being honest it’s mostly been her talking sense into me as I ramble on about crushes). She’s always been there for me when I’ve needed a listening ear and for that, I’m incredibly grateful. Getting the chance to actually reconnect with her in person is something I’ve been dying to do for years now.

Andy – I love you to death.

And on that note, I should probably sign off given that I’m still not completely done packing and I’m getting picked up in just over 2 hours. Have I mentioned I sometimes procrastinate?

Flight 241, you can’t come soon enough for me.

Love you to death,


PS: Special thanks to a few folks that saved the day and helped me out with a few last minute things.

My work family: I’ll miss you all so much! Throughout this whole process you’ve all been nothing, but so supportive. The taco potluck was SUCH a nice way to spend my last lunch hour. Thanks also for all the hugs! You all know how much I’m a sucker for them! <3

Katrina: I really meant it when I said your message warmed my heart! Expect a huge hug when I get back! I feel lucky to know you.

Adam Luker: Thanks for saving the day and letting me take your keyboard along on the trip! It’s going to make such a big difference. Also thanks for being so supportive from the start and always sharing my posts. It means a ton to me!

Esther Beatty: Thanks for dropping off the little package before the trip! It was incredibly sweet of you to do! It’s coming along with me on the ride!

Michael Sheehan: Seeing you the night before my ride was honestly exactly what I needed. I’ve probably never said it to you in person, but I admire your energy and positivity so much. In my whole life, I can’t think of a single moment spent with you that I didn’t have a total blast… okay except maybe when we got caught eating that Funky Chunky Chocolate ice cream in the bathroom and almost were not able to go to Darien Lake, haha.

Gessie and Mat: Thanks for getting me the lightning cable for the tablet! It was a huge help!

Dianna Savelli: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thanks for organizing that board game night on Tuesday so I could see some folks before I left.

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