Song 20: Maggie Rogers – Alaska

Artist: Maggie Rogers

Song: Alaska

I had the absolute pleasure of hearing this gem while riding the GO bus to Toronto for what would turn out to be quite a wonderful day. After a short day ride to my friend Dave’s place I shared a delicious vegan chilli for lunch and homemade sorbet for dessert among a couple of old friends and some pleasant new faces. Hours passed quickly as we jumped right into the forbidden fruits of conversation – politics and religion. Hoping to catch some time with my dear friends Tania and Jason before making my way to see Torquil Campbell’s play True Crime for the second time (it’s that good), I said my goodbyes to the pleasant company at lunch and grabbed some delicious treats before going to meet Tania and Jason. I grabbed a donut and slice of pizza from Apiecalypse Now Pizza and a muffin and cookies from Bloomers which I saved for a late night snack. Some pretty delicious food if I do say so. Meeting Jason and Tania at their place we spent some time catching up on life as we wandered through the distillery district for the lights festival set up there. As always Jason captured some pretty awesome photos. Spending time with Tania and Jason always fills me with joy so it was great to squeeze in this mini hangout before the play.

Arriving at the beautiful Crow’s theatre I met up with my friend Yas and her sister Tab before the show. Being my second time seeing the show I may have even more excited about it this time since I knew how good it is. Torq absolutely shines on the stage and the story is so engaging. I literally got chills throughout my whole body at one point. It was also cool to hear the song “The Maze” now on Stars newest album that I now realized I heard long before it was actually released when I first saw his play last year. The whole show is that much better because of the great live music provided by Julian Brown and fantastic light work by the staff at the theatre. After the show, I chatted briefly with Torq before being invited to come join him and others for a drink in the lobby. A short while after hanging out in the lobby he introduced me to some friends which I had the pleasure of getting to know a bit better as an invite to join them all for dinner quickly followed. Ensuring that I wasn’t imposing I joined Torq, his wife Moya and a handful of lovely folks (Julian Brown, Chris Abraham, Remington North, Jane Spidell, Ellie Moon, and Lana Gay) for dinner at the restaurant attached to the theatre. The food was tasty and the company fantastic. Everyone was so kind. Much of the conversations had me laughing quite hard. Definitely a night I won’t forget anytime soon.

On the long bus ride home (I missed the last express bus home) I was lucky enough to randomly end up next to my friend Randy from OPIRG McMaster. Since we haven’t seen much of each other in quite a while the time seemed to pass quickly as I shared about my bike trip and we talked about the changes happening at McMaster. It was a great way to end a wonderful night!

As for my thoughts on the song  (which of course is what this post is supposed to be about) … I absolutely love it. I listened to it several times over on the bus ride, found myself listening to several of her other songs, immediately following her on social media and checking her tour schedule. From what I see there are no shows around me anytime soon, but I definitely hope to see her perform live at some point!

365 New Tunes is a project inspired by a tweet from the band Stars on December 31st, 2017 encouraging people to listen to a new song every day of the next year.

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