Song 25: Robyn Dell’Unto – Sidecar

Artist: Robyn Dell’Unto

Song: Sidecar

Today’s song in a roundabout way is sort of/kinda a recommendation from my friend Tom.  The song he actually recommended to me is called (Astronaut) by Robyn Dell’Unto. When he made the recommendation though he must have forgotten that quite some time ago he shared the song with me and told me about how much he likes it. It’s a lovely song, but since I’ve heard it before I opted to randomly choose a different song by Robyn. As a result, I’ve discovered this lovely song and video. Quite a nice song if you ask me and a good reminder of why I love for pop music.

365 New Tunes is a project inspired by a tweet from the band Stars on December 31st, 2017 encouraging people to listen to a new song every day of the next year.

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