Song 27: Gillian Nicola – Unconditionally

Artist: Gillian Nicola

Song: Unconditionally

The daily music exploration continues despite the lateness of these posts. The busyness of life has been too great as of late to keep up with the regular writing, but I’m certainly not complaining because it’s been the best kind of busyness.

Early last week I had the pleasure of reconnecting and catching up with my friend Teal Booth when she played a small show at Zyla’s here in Hamilton. Also at the show singing was Gillian Nicola. Much of Gillian’s music is about having crushes and being in love. In other words my favourite things! We had a really nice conversation about being emotionally vulnerable after the show and I encouraged her to take some risks. At the show, I was also fortunate enough to pick up a copy of her EP and told her my plans to feature one of her songs in my project.

The song I’ve chosen is called: Unconditionally. It’s quite a pretty song filmed in the beautiful Cootes Paradise and she sings it wonderfully.

365 New Tunes is a project inspired by a tweet from the band Stars on December 31st, 2017 encouraging people to listen to a new song every day of the next year.

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