Song 28: Bahamas – Waves

Artist: Bahamas

Song: Waves

Nothing beats a lazy Sunday… except a lazy Sunday spent cuddled up on the couch with your crush listening to music. Starting our day with cake for breakfast we relaxed listening to some of my favourite records. I’ve loved introducing her to so much new music over the last few months of spending time together.  After getting too lazy to change the records we switched to YouTube and she put on on a few songs new to me. While I enjoyed all of the music she shared the video for this one is simply too bizarre not to feature as my song for the day.  The song itself is also pretty catchy.

Runner Up Song: She’s On My Mind by JP Cooper. Listened to this lovely song with my crush as well and as you can tell from the name, it pretty much captures my feelings exactly.

365 New Tunes is a project inspired by a tweet from the band Stars on December 31st, 2017 encouraging people to listen to a new song every day of the next year.

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