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Song 40: Mieke – Move On

Song 40: Mieke – Move On

Artist: Mieke

Song: Move On

Tonight I had the chance of seeing and hanging out with one of my absolute favourite bands – Dizzy.Ever since discovering them in the summer of 2017, I’ve made an active effort to get to every possible show that they’re playing locally. When a couple of weeks ago they were added to the line-up of “Indie Night” at McMaster I immediately got pretty excited… and then disappointed to see it was only for McMaster students. Determined to attend I reached out to the band to see if they could help and made a backup plan of randomly asking McMaster students to be their guests if that’s what it took, haha. Fortunately, as always Dizzy pulled through for me and secured me a spot on the guest list. For some reason, though the McMaster guest lists are strange in that it meant I could attend, but would still need to pay cover. In the end, I didn’t care because getting into the show was the top priority for me.

The plans I made with Katie to hang out with the band before the show we were delayed slightly in doing so because of the snowy weather which meant they were a bit late unpacking and sound checking. With plenty of time before their set time though we took a short walk to… you guessed it: Subway (for anyone that read my Ride to Remember blog you’ll appreciate that reference). Here I was thinking I’d treat the band to dinner given their kindness to me with guestlist spots in the past, but in what makes no sense to me they took me by surprise and paid for my sub. Yeah, make sense of that! Kindest people EVER. Coming back with our dinner we walked into the venue together and I managed to get by security without issue or needing to pay cover. There we went backstage to enjoy the food, share funny stories and hang out. Knowing I had a busy day ahead of me after their awesome set, I helped them pack up their gear, we shared some hugs and called it a night.

It was while hanging out with the band backstage and talking about music Katie suggested I check out the music by Mieke and said her favourite song was probably “Move On”. She shared that Elissa Mieke was from Hamilton and it made wonder if I had some mutual friends. A Facebook search didn’t reveal much, but I suspect I’m not far removed from her in some way.  My intention for the day’s post was to use a song from one of the other artists on the bill tonight, but the truth is I didn’t listen to them attentively enough to even hear the name of one of their songs. In any case, Katie’s suggestion to check out this song proved to be a great recommendation. From the moment I heard the vocals, I liked the song.It’s really quite a lovely song. I’ve since listened to it several times over and checked out some of her other songs which are also great. In the future, I’ll definitely be reaching out to Katie for more suggestions.

365 New Tunes is a project inspired by a tweet from the band Stars on December 31st, 2017 encouraging people to listen to a new song every day of the next year.

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