Song 95: John Muirhead – Passenger’s Side

Artist: John Muirhead

Song: Passenger’s Side

John Muirhead is a young and talented musician I first discovered when he opened up for a Craig Cardiff at a show in London, ON at the London Music Club. I’m pretty confident it was on April 15th, 2017 so almost a year ago. I remember being immediately impressed by his vocals, songwriting, and lyrics when he first took the stage. I pretty much immediately ‘followed’ him on most social media platforms to stay on top of where he was headed and the music he makes. Today’s song is actually being released tomorrow but was being premiered on Canadian Beats Media today. You can read an interview about him and his music here.

Since that first show I haven’t had the chance to see him perform live again yet, but do hope I’ll be able to do so at some point. I enjoyed this song and hope to hear more from in the future. I think he has potential to be a prominent Canadian folk artist one day.

365 New Tunes is a project inspired by a tweet from the band Stars on December 31st, 2017 encouraging people to listen to a new song every day of the next year.

One thought on “Song 95: John Muirhead – Passenger’s Side

  1. I just found this on google. Thanks so much for the kind words, and I’m glad you enjoyed the song and the Craig Cardiff show!


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